Oakland County Michigan – Preparing for the winter months

Frigid climate can have a big impact on the roof of a home if it’s not prepared for the winter months as well as the inevitable large amounts of snow that we get here in Michigan. That along with freezing rain that turns to ice and a climate that has the tendency to fluctuate drastically can increase the chances of incurring a lot of damage to the roof, exterior, as well as various other areas of the home. In this article Oakland County Michigan roofing contractors have put some advice and pointers to winterize the home and guard it against damage in the winter months.

In Oakland county Michigan, roofing contractors advise that the best way to prevent having your pipes freeze is to insulate any exposed pipes that are easily accessible to frigid climates. It’s important to leave faucets just a bit open if the temperatures are really frigid so that they have just a slight drip. Oakland county Michigan roofing contractors say that though it’s Surprising, this can prevent your pipes from freezing and even worse than that, bursting, which would really be a disaster for any household.

One you may already be aware of and do regularly (we hope), is cleaning any leaves and rubbish out of gutters and downspouts before it even starts to snow. Leaves, twigs as well as various other debris can cause ice to collect as soon as the temperature drops low enough not only wreaking havoc on the gutters but also damaging the roof causing leaks. This it what happens a lot of the time when Oakland county Michigan roofing contractors get a call from a customer that is in a panic. So make sure you don’t wait until the last minute when there is a foot of snow on the ground and everything in the gutters have froze leaving you unable to do anything until it thaws so that you can hire Oakland county Michigan roofing contractors. If you give them a good cleaning as soon as the leaves are done falling, you can rest easy knowing you did what you could to prevent yourself from having costly repairs when Spring rolls around.

It’s also important that you cut down any tree limbs that may be dangerous since they end up breaking from high ice and snow accumulation. Oakland County Michigan roofing contractors say that more often than not things like this end up causing damage that could have been easily prevented by being proactive. The best way to do keep this from happening is to check before fall ends so that you can easily trim them away and prevent a tree limb from falling through you roof. A good rule of thumb when it comes to Oakland county Michigan roofing contractors advice would be to cut down anything that is low hanging and close to your house.

You will also want to make sure to have an inspection of your roof by Oakland County Michigan roofing contractors or home inspector so they can let you know of any problem areas or areas of your roof that have the potential to become a problem.

With the cold seasons right around the corner, Oakland County Michigan roofing contractors want to make sure your prepared and pay attention to how much precipitation your accumulating, If you get these areas of your roof fixed before the snow and ice start piling up. you can save yourself quite a bit of money along with preventing a disaster if your roof was to start leaking in the middle of winter. With Oakland county Michigan roofing contractors, it’s always better to be proactive now, than to have to be reactive when your living with buckets all over your house from water seeping through your roof and need roof repair in Michigan.

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