Window installation and replacement in Michigan

In today’s economy Michigan homeowners are looking to save money in any way possible. Being a Michigan based business, we know how difficult it is to try and stay afloat in an economy that has yet to recover. That’s why we think it’s important to share our knowledge of how to save money in your home. One of the worst energy wasters in a home is having old windows that aren’t properly insulated. When it comes to windows, just because they still work, doesn’t mean you don’t need window installation and replacement in Michigan.

Window installation and replacement in Michigan is one of the few areas where it’s not easy for consumers to purchase the products they need for a do it yourself project.  There are window companies that have made it possible to special order windows, but you still have to go through a local retailer to do so, which means the retailer will tack on extra for ordering them for you. There’s also the fact that you need special tools to do the exterior cladding which is what  makes the windows weather proof and provides the seal. If your windows are not sealed properly, you can kiss the away in money you would be saving from the new  window installation and replacement in Michigan.

With that being said, you will find that our company has highly competitive prices and many years of experience in window installation and replacement in Michigan. We have both double pane and triple pane windows and offer vinyl, wood , fiberglass, and aluminum clad windows for every manufacturer so that whatever style your looking for, we will have. Not everyone has the same taste, or is looking for the same thing in a window. That’s why we give you a variety of options whether you go with high end  for your window installation and replacement in Michigan, or  low grade.

When you decide to get window installation and replacement in Michigan for windows that are twenty years old,  they going to save you money no matter what type of window it is. As with most things, products are always being improved which as an end result improves our ability to give you quality work. What you as the customer need to decide is the reason for replacing windows, and what is the most important factor. This will help us to steer you in the right direction and find the perfect windows or your home or business.

Whether you are looking for window installation and replacement in Michigan so that you can lower your energy costs,  whatever window looks the best, or are different from all the rest,  we are your premier window installation and replacement company in Michigan. Visit us at our website Martino home improvements for more information on window installation and replacement in Michigan, along with all of the additional services we provide.

Whether your looking to install new windows, replace your roof, or add on a home office, Martino Companies is your one and only stop you need for home improvement. We have provided the highest quality service for over 30 years, and look forward to including you in our family of clients that are currently in our Martino direct incentive program. This program is for people just like you, that make us your home improvement experts and call us again the next you decide to start your next home improvement project.

If you have any more questions or are looking for some more information visit our website at or you can call our office and talk to anyone in the office. Our number is 248-629-9260. We provide roofing services in Metropolitan Detroit area, including Macomb, Oakland, Wayne County and Arbor. Thank you.