The roof of your Michigan home can experience significant problems including: weathering, decay, or even having the roof malfunction completely at any point during the roofs lifetime. All of these problems can be avoided or even resolved with the installation of a new roof or a roof repair by a licensed roofing contractor in Michigan.

  • Roof malfunction – the first signs of a roof malfunction typically being in the homes interior – the paint starts to flake, ceilings become stained or discolored, and perhaps your wall-paper begins to peel. Small holes can be patched but cracks in roofing shingles can’t. Regardless of reason for your roof to malfunction you shouldn’t delay in calling a licensed roofing contractor in Michigan to give you an estimate on how much the roof repair is going to cost.   If the repair doesn’t cost more than a new roof and will still last the original lifespan of the roof then the roof should be repaired.  If it the roof repair will exceed the cost of a new roof installation then have a new roof installed.
  • Roofing materials – each type of roofing material will require its own level of care and maintenance. Roofing shingles generally require annual treatment.  However, metal roofing or PVC roofing, require next to no maintenance. By being familiar with the type of roofing material used on your roof will assist you with deciding if it is worth repairing your roof or replacing with a new roof by a licensed roofing contractor in Michigan.
  • Age of your roof – for many, the age of your Michigan roof is the deciding factor.    Your roof should be inspected at least twice a year.  If you have shingled roof that is more than 20 years old then you should consider having a new roof installed by a licensed roofing contractor in Michigan.   If it is less than 20 years old then you should repair the roof.

If your Michigan roof is coming to the end of its lifespan or if the cost to repair the roof exceeds the cost of a new roof installation, then you should have a new roof installed by a licensed roofing contractor in Michigan.

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