Hello, I’m Martino at Martino Home Improvements based out a Madison Heights, Michigan in Oakland County. And we’re installing a new roof over here in Chesterfield, Michigan, Macomb County.

Why go with Martino Home Improvements? We’re not just a another Michigan home improvement company that subs work out to subcontractors. We are the home improvement subcontractors. We work for a number of large companies, big box Michigan home improvement companies. They call us to do their work.  You might know them. They have colors that are blue and orange. Well, when you call them, they call us, because we’re the home improvement professionals at what we do. We’re large enough to trust and small enough to care — that’s our logo. We don’t carry all the overhead that all the other Michigan home improvement companies do. Our advertisements aren’t everywhere on TV because, realistically, people, you’re the ones that are going to pay for it. They don’t, they don’t absorb all the costs. So when you get quotes, our home improvement quotes are usually, and almost all the time, significantly less than theirs.  And then if you go with a company like them, we’re the ones doing the installation for you anyways. So at Martino Home Improvements, we are the contractor! We’re not a sales machine, marketing company that generate leads and come in with a high pressure sales. When you’re choosing a new Michigan roof, we’re there to help you make the best decisions for you and your family so you get all the benefits that you’re looking for.

For more information about our home improvement services contact us at 248-69-9260 or go see our web site at www.martinocompanies.com we’ll be more than happy to help you. Thank you.