Hi, I’m Wayne with Martino Companies Home Improvement located in Madison Heights, Michigan(Oakland County) . We’re here in Chesterfield Township, Michigan (Macomb County) doing a complete roof tear down redo of this beautiful home. We’re at the shores of Lake St. Clair.

Obviously, there was not a prep material installed on this particular residential roof. You can see on the back of the shingle the bubbling,  fusing to the wood. That’s another reason why a roofing underlayment is so important. You’ll also notice there’s no ice shield installed — you can clearly see down at the bottom of the valley where most of the water flow occurs and ice will build up that we’ve got rotten wood.

Well, we’re here on this beautiful day, couldn’t ask for a better day, the weather is cooperating. We’re going to install 6 feet of ice shield and new drip edge around the perimeter of the roof. We are installing 15 lb  felt throughout the field. Mixed step cards and as you can see we removed the wood from the bottom of the window. The apron metal was not installed correctly so they had to pretty much tar to the asphalt shingle which is  unacceptable.

We do outstanding work. We’d be honored if you’d give us a call us at 248-629-9260 to  at least get a free roofing estimate. For more information visit our website at Martino Companies. Hopefully, I can be your Michigan roofing contractor / installer. Again my name is Wayne, representing Martino Companies located in Madison Heights, Michigan (Oakland County).