When deciding to re-roof your Michigan residence, there are two methods to do it.  One is the roof tear-off approach, where the shingles are ripped down to the bare wood deck. The second is a shingle over, where the current shingles are merely “shingled over” with brand new shingles.  As you might possibly expect, there are positives and negatives with both of these roofing options, and your ultimate decision will depend on your specific scenario.   Prior to determining which roofing technique is ideal for you and your residence, you will need to ask yourself several important questions:

  1. Just how old is the roof on your home now?
  2. How critical is a Guarantee to you?
  3. Is your Michigan roof presently leaking?
  4. What is the current condition of your shingles?

Shingle-Over Technique – Positives and Negatives

Shingling over is the method in which the Michigan roofing contractor installs new shingles on top of the current shingles.  This kind of installation is not typically intended to last a very long time.


  • This is the least costly technique to get a new look to your residence.
  • A shingle-over can be completed much more rapidly than a roof tear-off.


  • If your roof is in poor condition, shingling on top of will result in shingles which will not lay flat, resulting in a higher percentage of blown-off shingles.
  • Shingling on top of will not repair any leaks you could possibly have.
  • None of the metal flashing will get replaced on your house.
  • There is simply no means to determine if you have decayed wood.
  • This techique is merely placing a band-aid across your roof.