Hello, I’m Martino with Martino Home Improvements located in Madison Heights, Michigan (Oakland County). Today I’m gonna to talk about window installation and replacements for your Michigan home. Are your windows 20 years old? Do you feel drafts in the winter and in the summer? Do you loose a lot of heat? Are your energy bills out of control? Well, we can help you. The new window products available come in both  double pane and triple pane windows.

We carry:

  • vinyl windows
  • wood windows
  • fiberglass windows
  • aluminum clad windows

At Martino Home Improvements we don’t provide just one manufacturer of windows because each house is going  take a different style of window. If you’re on Lake Shore Drive, or you’re in Detroit, or you’re in Royal Oak, your home is going to take a different type of window. So, if you have wood windows now, most likely you’re going to want to replace them with a wood interior window to match your home and not change it up. That’s why we carry Weather Shield, Marvin, Hella, and Anderson. We carry all window manufacturers and there’s highs and lows to each one and that’s when we do a home evaluation with you. We go through and talk about the different types of products. And what’s good about one window and then what’s bad about the same window. Maybe you just need a vinyl window replacement you’re looking for a rental house. And we have low grade vinyl window all the way up to a top premium vinyl window, that has different colors on the inside to a wood interior, wood grain interior vinyl window.  There’s muttons you can put on the window. That is the grid that shows when you look from the outside of the house. There’s double hung, single hung, a slider window and casement windows. We install all types of windows.

The window installation process that we use is that we come in, we measure up the window. It usually takes about 2 weeks on a vinyl window to order and to get installed. When you’re looking into the more high end wood windows and fiberglass windows, they take about 5 to 8 weeks, because they’re custom built. We tear the window out jamb to jamb, and then we install the new window. We spray foam window insulation so that you don’t get a draft from where the replacement window is. And then once that’s completed, we put on casing in the interior. We inspect every joint, we sand it down, we put in new window sills when needed. When we’re pulling out the window, if there’s any rotted wood, we replace the rooted wood. We’re just not going screw into a bad piece of wood, and then, a couple years later, you don’t have it.

For the exterior, there’s a couple of different options that you can use. We can, we can put wood trim on the exterior if your house  has wood cedar on it. But 90% of the houses that we do, we use aluminum wrap. And that goes right into the groove of the window and then we wrap the brick ledge around it. So you have a nice mitered box of aluminum on the outside of your house that matches the, the trim work that you’re looking for. And then with all the windows that we carry there is a lifetime, a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for all the windows against any defects at all.

At Martino Home Improvements, we have a 10 year labor ship warranty that we do and if you need anymore information please contact us at 248-629-9260 or visit our website at www.martinocompanies.com. Thank you.