Hi, I’m Wayne and I represent Martino Companies located in Madison Heights, Michigan (Oakland County). You can visit us at our web site at www.martinocompanies.com.

What I’m gonna cover today is basically the roofing ventilation on your Michigan roof. Most of the times with these roof installations you buy a warranty.  They tell you the life of the roof will be between 30 to 40 years.   Realistically, if the house is not ventilated properly, your probably going to get 10 to 15 years out of your roof.  And 90% of the people who purchase these roofs never go on line and validate their warranty. So what we do at Martino Companies, we make sure that you get a proper roofing ventilation and the proper roofing warranty that the manufacturer is going to offer along with our workmanship warranty. You might want to check the website for that also at www.martinocompanies.com.

Basically,  it is an in and out flow. If you have no overhangs on your home there are two roofing products we install. There’s a smart vent and there is a vented drip edge, which allows air to be pulled in low. Most of the time, we cut in ridge vent, it makes more sense. The air ventilates — it’s basic common sense. Air rises. It don’t have to rush to a vent to escape. It naturally rises up. But again, if there’s a flow in instead of rising and just slowly rising up, it pulls it and makes it go up. It creates a flow. It comes in low and goes high.

Back, back when earlier homes were built they put gable vents and canned vents. You would notice your upstairs would be outstanding hot or cold in the winter and hot in the summer. That’s because of the stillness of the air. It has to slowly rise and then escape. If it’s vented properly you have intake and you’ll have a baffling system which allows the air to come in low, circulate and release hot.

I recommend on pretty much every project we do we, that we, we encouraged the intake and the outtake from the overhang to the ridge. And basically, the canned vents are kind of going extinct because of the warranty issues that it does to if the roof is not ventilated properly. It basically makes it break down 10 years earlier than it should. And if the roofing warranty was validated, I’m almost 99% positive that the manufacturer will not stand by the warranty if it’s not vented properly. Basically, that could be their way out. For more information, you can visit our website, www.martinocompanies.com. It’s been a pleasure — my name is Wayne.